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Victory Memorial Parkway

Services Construction Services, Land Surveying & Mapping
Client Hennepin County
Estimated Construction Cost $7.0M
Location Minneapolis, MN

Project Overview

We provided engineering and surveying services for improvements along Victory Memorial Parkway in Minneapolis. Our work on this project included trail design, ADA ramp design, detail design, construction oversight, and surveying for the removal of the roadway portion of the street intersections between Victory Memorial Parkway and 45th Avenue and replacing it with green space.

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Beyond Design

We extended and rebuilt the existing walks and trail to match new grades, which were created to remove the dips from the existing roadway crossings. We also added street lighting and trail lighting along the parkway. Finally, we provided surveying for the Flagpole Plaza and gateway features for the parkway entrances to the Drive.

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Community Responsibility

Restoring, rehabilitating, or enhancing historic sites is always complex and challenging. In the case of Victory Memorial Drive, another layer of complexity exists because it’s also a gracious memorial to Hennepin County’s World War I Veterans.