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TH 3 at Amana Trail

Services Transportation Design, Water Resources
Client City of Inver Grove Heights
Estimated Construction Cost $3.0M
Location Inver Grove Heights, MN

Project Overview

This project involved the development of concept layouts, detail design plans, specifications, and cost estimates for a multi-lane roundabout at the Intersection of TH 3 and Amana Trail in Inver Grove Heights. We designed this multi-lane, three-leg roundabout for future expansion into a full multi-lane four-leg roundabout. Design services included detail plans for roadway geometrics, profiles, bituminous surfacing, concrete pavement design, drainage design, landscaping, roundabout design, and lighting


Beyond Design

We also provided project management and agency coordination services to ensure we met the needs of MnDOT, Dakota County, and the City of Inver Grove Heights. Additional coordination efforts were necessary to ensure the proposed project would integrate seamlessly with adjacent development properties

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