CSAH 7/Division Street Corridor Study & Design

Services Transportation Design, Planning & Traffic Engineering, Traffic Analysis, Final Design, Preliminary Design
Client Beltrami County
Location Bemidji, MN

Project Overview

The CSAH 7 (Division Street) corridor, approximately 1.5-miles long, is located just to the southwest of the Bemidji city limits. We were selected to prepare a traffic study and model for the entire corridor as well as provide preliminary and final design.

ACEC Board

Beyond Design

This project involved the study, design and implementation of traffic improvements along CSAH 7 from the intersection of CSAH 14 to the intersection of CSAH 11 South. A new elementary school was being built at the west end of the corridor, while Bemidji High School was located in the middle of the corridor. The peak hour traffic volumes associated with the elementary and high schools make this corridor particularly challenging.

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Community Responsibility

The operational analysis indicated that either roundabouts or traffic signals would accommodate the expected area traffic. However, due to similar costs and significant safety benefits, roundabouts were recommended at the Becida, Adams, High School East Entrance and Jefferson intersections. In addition to our final design services for these improvements, we addressed questions at public informational meetings as well as provided roundabout education and outreach assistance.