Ayd Mill Road

Services Construction Services, Land Surveying & Mapping, Design Services
Client City of Saint Paul
Estimated Construction Cost $6.2M
Location Saint Paul, MN

Project Overview

Prior to project work, Ayd Mill Road was a 4 lane divided roadway lacking pedestrian and bicycle facilities. In 2019 the City proposed to add these facilities, however, due to limited Right-of-Way and significant topographical constraints, shared-use facilities could not be added while maintaining a 4 lane roadway.

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Beyond Design

Stonebrooke completed traffic analysis on the corridor to determine if any of the lanes could be eliminated thus allowing the necessary space to accommodate a trail. Through analysis it was determined that one of the northbound traffic lanes could be removed through a series of mitigation measures, and in it’s place a 6’ grass boulevard and 10’ shared-use trail were added. In addition to this, project improvements included 3 new signal systems, new lighting for the corridor, and various pavement and storm sewer improvements and rehabilitation.

Ayd Mill Road 3011
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