Penn Avenue ADA Project

This project included design and construction of pedestrian curb ramps along Penn Avenue and Humboldt Avenue in Minneapolis for Hennepin County Public Works.  Throughout the design and construction, Stonebrooke helped introduce ADA compliance to Hennepin County through field walks, compliance checks, and explaining the various guidelines for compliance.  Stonebrooke provided design and construction of Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) layouts that would accommodate new push button pedestals to be added to the quadrants in the future when the signals would ultimately be upgraded.  Including this in the plans helped to reduce unnecessary future construction and would provide future designers with a compliant location for a push button with the design and construction that was included in the project.

  • Categories:
    ADA, Construction, Surveying
  • Client:
    Hennepin County Public Works
  • Estimated Construction Cost:
  • Location:
    City of Minneapolis