The Metro Transit Police Department Building project included two phases and the prime contractor for each phase selected Stonebrooke Engineering to provide construction surveying services. Phase 1 consisted of site preparations to reconstruct the driveway serving as the access route for the Heywood Garage. Work for this phase was limited to site grading, retaining wall construction, paving, and storm sewer.  Phase 2 included the construction of a three-story addition to the existing five-story office building on the site. Along with the building addition, the parking lot and site utilities were reconfigured. Before the foundation for the new building was constructed, 170 piles were driven to help support the footing for the walls and columns. Each of the pile locations were staked for the crew installing them and an as-built location was surveyed after installation. Building grid lines were calculated from measurements taken on the existing building and staked for the construction of the building addition. Other site improvements including sanitary and storm sewers, water services, geothermal wells for heating and cooling the building, and the parking lot curb and pavement, were all staked for construction.

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    Sheehy Construction (Phase 1 – Site Preparation), Donlar Construction (Phase 2 – Building Construction), and Carl Bolander & Sons (Phase 2 – Building Construction)
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    Minneapolis, MN