CSAH 68 at CSAH 91

Stonebrooke Engineering was selected by Scott County to provide preliminary and final design of a roundabout at the intersection of CSAH 68 at CSAH 91 in Credit River Township. This project included roundabout roadway and pavement design, storm sewer design, lighting design, traffic staging, and turf and erosion control.  Improvements to this intersection included the realignment of approximately 1800 lineal feet of CSAH 68 and 2200 lineal feet of CSAH 91 to accommodate the roundabout and approaches. Additionally, Stonebrooke provided an ICE report for traffic operations and safety review, and a Project Memo detailing the environmental impacts of the project. Our staff provided roundabout education at a public open house meeting adjacent to the project location.

  • Categories:
    Final Design, Preliminary Design, Public Outreach, Water Resources
  • Client: Scott County, MN
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $1.0M
  • Location: Scott County, MN