CSAH 153 (Lowry Avenue) Corridor

Stonebrooke Engineering provided planning, design, and construction services for the federally funded multi-phase reconstruction of CSAH 153 (Lowry Avenue) in North Minneapolis. This turn-key project was prepared by our team over an eight year time period from conception through construction.

This project consisted of the complete reconstruction of 1.84 miles of 4-lane undivided urban roadway into a 2-lane divided roadway with bike lanes, bus pull outs, parking bump outs, significant streetscape improvements, and dedicated left turn lanes at signalized intersections. Our work included a complex stormwater model that led to the design and construction of three sustainable underground storage tanks at different locations along the roadway for rate and volume control.

Our team worked with Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and several neighborhoods along Lowry Avenue in North Minneapolis to create a master plan for this critical urban corridor. A significant public involvement process was followed to engage the public and define the corridor goals. This public process included a Technical Advisory Committee, Community Advisory Committee, business coordination, public hearings and elected official work sessions.

This ambitious redesign revitalized the neighborhood by improving the corridor’s aesthetics, safety, and access to public transportation, and opportunities for economic growth. Lowry Avenue was further enhanced with well-lit boulevards with decorative streetlights, new sidewalks, and bicycle lanes and signage on both sides of the street that tie seamlessly into the regional trail system.

But perhaps the project’s signature element was the inclusion of extensive streetscaping,  landscaping, and environmental artwork along the avenue. Although this was a disruptive project for the corridor’s many residents and business owners, we worked closely with those affected to answer questions and ensure that their needs and concerns were heard. In the end, these strong relationships were an important contributing factor to the success and beauty of the project. This multiple phase and staged project was constructed with full closures and detour routes.

  • Categories:
    Construction, Final Design, Preliminary Design, Public Outreach
  • Client: Hennepin County
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $14.0M
  • Location: City of Minneapolis