Responsible by design

Responsible is who we are. Engineering is what we do.
Our “why” is for a better tomorrow.

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We engineer more than the landscapes of tomorrow. We build careers.

At Stonebrooke, we’re invested in our people, our clients, and our communities. Let’s make each other better by making a difference.

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Kelly Besser — Engineering Tomorrow

Stonebrooke Engineering Project Manager

Our Services

Our way to a more responsible tomorrow.

In our 19-plus years, we’ve seen most everything. And we’ve done most everything. And, as experienced engineers, we know “most everything” is what you say because there’s always a new problem to solve and an innovative solution waiting to be discovered.

Transportation Design

Transportation is more than designing bridges and roads. It’s creating connections for communities, responsibly.

Land Surveying & Mapping

It’s all about accurately locating specific points and boundaries. But, for us, it’s also looking through the lens with a deep sense of responsibility.

Planning & Traffic Engineering

We’re committed to delivering transportation programs to improve mobility and quality of life. For years, we’ve partnered with clients to deliver simple solutions for complex challenges.

Bridge & Structural

We specialize in designing, constructing and surveying the vital links that connect our major highways, span rivers and, ultimately, bring us all together.

Site Services

We take a multidisciplinary approach, covering every aspect of your project. Our clients trust us for our collaboration, commitment to responsibility and dedication to finish on time, on budget.

Water Resources

We help our clients address a wide range of water quality considerations, supporting healthy aquatic ecosystems for the well being of our planet.

Construction Services

It’s one thing to work with construction. It’s another to work with it all around you. We’ve done both. The knowledge is invaluable.

Community Engagement

We’re passionate about what we do. And we’re equally as passionate about demonstrating and educating others about how—and why—we do it.

Giving Back

Responsible, in our work
and our lives.

Our dedication to the community doesn’t stop at the end of the workday—Responsible is what we are to the core. We’re committed to giving back and supporting our communities through charitable events.

We’re here for our community. It’s beyond responsible even. It’s the right thing to do.

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